13 Things to Seduce A Woman With Text Messaging

It is common. It is becoming a habit, and for many it is becoming an art or you can say their trick of the trade. Texting flirtatiously or texting to tempt is the hype these days and you are stuck in the dilemma on how you should do it. You ask yourself if you are capable of doing it. I will tell you that you can. It is very much possible and within your grasp if you just follow the ideas of how to seduce a woman with text messaging that I have plotted out for you. You must try these if you are on the verge of falling in love with someone.

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How To Seduce A Woman With Text: 9 Things What You Should Do

1. Send Ambiguous Text to Hold Her Up on the Text

Let her imagination do the work. Women are good fantasies. Never be overly precise about what you are trying to say or point. Let her imagine. Make sure the words you send her is cryptic, because it will make her feel more interested in the topic. Let her conceive your wink or how you want to manhandle her when you guys get intimate. Do not be direct about it. Use vivid and lucid, but ambiguous descriptions when you text her. Let her bell starts to ring, unhurriedly but progressively.

2. Bring a Change through an Adorable and Concise Text

Adorable and concise messages are game-changers. Text her that you wish you could see her right now. Or that your hands are getting cold and you wish she held on to them and warmed them with her touch. Keep it short and cute. It will progress to prominence!

13 Things to Seduce A Woman With Text Messaging

3. Revive Her Sensation by Keeping the Mobile Phone Vibrated

You know that vibrations tend to be stuffs that can turn-on any lady depending on the timing (if you know what I mean!). How do you make sure that she has something with her that vibrates? Hey! Don’t think dirty now. What you can do is ask her to keep her phone’s mode set to vibrate when you text her. That way, in conjunction with your seductive texts, it will exert sensations. Who knows! It can evoke her to have a sensuous love also! Jokes aside!

4. Win Her through Being Courteous

Make sure you have made her primary notion of you to be a decent one. It matters to a girl if a guy is courteous because such type of a guy is respectful. Even though we are talking about seducing, there is decency to it. To make sure that you are there with her under the covers at the end of the day, you need to be demure.

5. Cut a Little Jokes

Be comical now and then. As long as she is upbeat, the tricks to you are getting her seduced will work more. Did you guys meet recently? Had a good time? Was there any funny incident that upon recalling will cause her to burst out giggling? If there is, then do it. Keeping someone happy and optimistic is an important thing to your notion. You can ask different silly but important questions to ask your crush to know if she is right for you. 

6. Gift Her Your Name

Call her by a name that you have given her. You can be her “bunny” while she is your “cupcake”. This will create an emotional intimacy between you two. This will then help you to flirt with her more. Tender texts that will grow intense by time and let you flirt more. You need to do that. Trust me! I call my boy as ‘Bunny’ and he calls me ‘Tuni’. We would feel good at the beginning and now at this matured state of the relationship, both of us just die to listen to it from each other.

7. Text for Sudden Meeting

Make invitations to meetups to be off-the-cuff. This will be unanticipated to her and she will feel like she has no reason to miss it. Then, play the next trick. Make sure you both start to get intimate when you finally meet up. Be lovely for her. When you are at first date, you must know the first date ideas that overwhelm your partner and get her win fast.

8. Expose Your Real Feelings through Words

Never be artificial of your true feelings. If you can portray your true moods in the texts, it will work as a turn-on more than any other thing.

Some leads to follow: talk about how you are not Leonardo Di Caprio in terms of outlook, but you are the everyday guy working hard. And you are true to yourself and to her. This will work as an emotional turn-on. She’ll find it intimate to be with you more. Also, this emotional feeling will work to make her commit and want you in her life.

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9. Describe Your Room in Text

Also, use your texts to be the eyes to predict how her room looks like or what she is wearing. Don’t overexert it though. Keep it liberal.

How To Seduce A Woman With Text: 4 Things What You Should Never Do

10. Text Maintaining the Common Difference

You should never send her the photo of your most prized possession. You got what I meant, didn’t you? I mean the trundle of flesh, at least, at the beginning. It is an abomination to be exact. You should know that it is a girl you are texting and not a guy. A girl’s mind doesn’t ideally and identically think like a man does. Therefore, it is not possible for a girl’s mind to plot the same thing that yours does. She might never find it graphically enticing. NO-uh!

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11. Avoid the Initial Intimacy

Never ask for any pictures from her depicting her to show her body to you. DON’T DO IT IN THE BEGINNING. If she wants to send it by herself, that’s something different. But, never ask for it. Not, at least when you have just started to text her.

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12. Don’t Be Impatient While Texting

There is no point in rushing after anything. You have just started to message her. Do not instantly move to talking dirty with her. It might be more harmful than fruitful. It might cause her to feel dejected and reject your approach to turn her on. Take things accordingly, not like the way I am forbidding you to.

13. Avoid Texting Her Intermittently

Never text about anything that is very subtle to her. Such things will demoralize her and may bring a negative attitude towards you. You must think of texting her intermittently. That is another thing you should avoid too.

How to seduce a woman with text messaging is a type of big challenge because you are not going to meet and sit face to face with her. You have to keep lots of things in mind before and while you text a woman to win her.

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