19 Never-Be-Skipped Things to Talk About On the First Date

The first date is one of the best memories to treasure for the life time. A lot of nervousness arises regarding the things to talk about on the first date when you prepare for it. Because you never know what is going to happen; you only have a vague idea that two people sit together and eat while they are talking. Questions arise what is the internal chemistry that goes on? You have only seen such things happen in the movies, not sure that you can do the same like that and things like this keep coming into the mind again and again. Believe it or not this stuff will just ruin your effort so just throw out these thoughts out of our mind. Set your mind still. Have faith that you can do it.

Take a fresh bath and dress neatly and nicely. Choose something to wear that doesn’t strike the eye; you don’t need to have a very nice getup but a smart one will do. So, choose something that will look warm and easy to the eyes. Don’t forget to take fresh flowers for her.

Have a clear mind and try to talk naturally to her. All that matters is being flexible with her. Have confidence, but don’t show it too much. Whatever you say have say it with certainty. Trust me girls like boys being confident. And always stay positive and be warm. When giving an opinion to be true to it; don’t brag about it.

Now the question arises what should I talk about after all this? No need to worry, you just have enough suggestions below to make your first date memorable about the 19 never-be-skipped things to talk about on the first date.

Things to Talk About On the First Date

1. Express Your Gratitude in Seeing Her and Have A Smile On Your Face

When you meet your date tell her that you are happy to meet her and have a smile on your face. This in turn helps the girl to be comfortable around you and she would start to go easy on the fact that you are nice to be around with. Her behavior with you will start to become natural towards you and she will start to take you a lot more seriously. So keep the charm to its full extent and she would appreciate it in no time.

2. Complimenting About Her Beauty

It is quite natural for the girl to be well dressed and wearing a good make up. Obviously she would be expecting to hear about it from you because all the effort she gave to make her look beautiful and smart are not being overlooked. Pick a certain area she worked on and give compliments about it. For example: If her hair looks beautiful, tell her that it looks fabulous the way it is now. Trust me, there will be a tornado inside her about the fact you noticed it and unconsciously she would start to grow a soft corner inside her for you.

3. How Was Your Day?

Everything is fine till now. You have done your part in showing the charm and appreciating her beauty. Now you again need to take the initiative to start the conversation. Don’t go for deep conversation at the beginning. Just be casual and ask her about how her day went. Look at her reaction. You will be amazed to see that she is responding and will be able to learn about her attitude. Her reaction will reveal whether she is being positive or negative towards you. Moreover, you will be learning that how much seriously, she is taking you i.e. how much she is telling you, what the extent of her response is. This way you are going to get started nicely.

4. Prepare Some Funny Story Or Any Story That Happened To You.

Now you have the flow of conversation going smoothly. To continue your conversation for a long time you must prepare something interesting. Share any funny incident that happened to you recently or have any interesting story prepared from before. This really helps to make an impression that you trust your date and moreover is trying to lighten up the mood. Such things never escape the eyes of the girls and she starts taking you more seriously. But don’t go blabbing on if you find out that she is not much interested.

5. Talk about Any Interesting Thing That Happened While You Were On Your Way for the Date

On the way to the date if it is taking place in a restaurant there might be a chance for you encounter anything that is really interesting. Don’t forget to mention it. Try to tell her in a more dramatic way. Definitely she will be noticing that you are making it a bit dramatic, but in doing so you are making the impression that you are trying to cheer her up.

6. What Do You Do In Your Free Time?

Though it is just a normal question, this helps you know about her choices to do anything when it comes to leisure time. Get the details she says and you will have an idea if she is a workaholic or not and you can plan to ask her to meet her again in her free time.

7. Tell Me about Your Family

Now you are having a nice conversation going on with her it is quite natural to ask her about her family. Don’t go for the detail. Just ask her about her parents and siblings. If she says something that shows her concern about her family, then ask a little more about it. Attempts to ask about her family shows that you are taking her seriously and you want to know not only her but her family too.

8. What Are Your Favorite TV Shows And Movies?

This is a good topic to talk about. It acts as a special ingredient in the conversation where you get to know her personality, whether she is romantic, funny, etc. Genre of movies and TV shows reflect the personality of a person. Listen to the criticism she does. Pick and decide what to ask next by judging her views.

9. What Are Your Thoughts About *****? Quote Any Topic Or Any Famous Saying To Discuss.

Use the flexibility of your conversation to chat about things which are a bit artistic. Find good lines and quotes and exchange your views with her about it. This will surely make a good impression because it shows that you are quite creative about your thoughts. Usually girls like boys having a complex and creative mentality. So don’t miss the chance to show yours.

10.  Ask Her What She Is Good At, Better Talk about Things That You Are Good At Too

Asking her about what she is good at is quite personal but asking about it shows your eagerness to know her more than just a normal relationship. Better ask her nicely and when the time comes make her ask what you are good at too. She will be interested in you by that time, so highlight your best qualities in good manner.

11. Do You Like Traveling? Where Have You Been Recently?

Well, almost everyone likes traveling so no worries about this topic. Discuss with her about the places you two went and the specialties there to talk about. Try to connect with her by having the conversation about a place where you both want. Ask her how she viewed the place, what was the best part of it- of course try matching your liking to her and show that you have similar interest in that tourist spot. This really helps you get compatible with her because after you show similar interest, she will start to think you guys kind of share the same kind of view.

12. Have You Seen The News?

Discuss about any recent news. You might be surprised to find out her debating with you about it. No matter what it is but ask about news that you know properly. It’s a quite smart way to show her that you are informed and updated.

13. How Do You View Falling In Love?

This seems to be an awkward question, but she will certainly answer it. And while she answers she will be eager to know why you asked such a question. So better show and make her understand that you want to start falling in love with someone. You need someone next to you. Since you asked her about it, she will grasp the idea that you want her next to you. If she asks about your view be sure to say positive things about it because this might turn the wheels in motion for you.

14. Do You Like This Song?

It’s quite a clever way to show romance towards her. Talk about a romantic song that any girl would like and discuss about the morality of that song. Boy, this will help to show her that you are very romantic and a good critic about its content. Also try discussing about other Genres song that she might find good.

15. Show That You Love Your Family And Why You Love Them.

Family is a place where you get to nurture your bonds. During the date when you talk with her about your family, you make an impression you love your family a lot and you care for them no matter what. This helps women decide and think you are a man to trust and she will be watched by you. Attempt to show her the ways you value your family, which will help her develop a rigid trust about your caring.

16. Talk about Your Extra-Curricular Activities and Ask Her About It

Speaking about extracurricular activities is the easiest way to boast about qualities in front of someone. She will be mesmerized to know if you are a good Basketball player or if you received any great prize in prominent competition. Share your extra-curricular experience with her. Also ask and appreciate if she did any.

17. Show Your Interest in Music; Better If You Can Play Any Instrument

Present your immense interest in music. And if you are able to play an instrument I bet she will beg you to see you sing by playing it. It’s seen that girls have a natural thing for music and special interest toward boys who play an instrument. This increases the chance for you two to meet again, sometimes with an excuse to hear you singing.

18. Talk about career plans.

Girls at all times like boys being conscious about their career because at the end of the day they look to hook up with someone to whom they can rely on and build a family. Discuss a good future plan with her that you want to establish in the future. Make her understand that she could be a part of it too.

19. Talk about Her Dream And Share Yours With Her

You have gone through a lot of conversation so far and I hope you both have an understanding now. So as finishing to your conversation you could ask her about her dream. Don’t laugh even if it is stupid; try finding ways to appreciate it because by doing this you show her that you care about her and her dreams and want to be part of it. In return share yours and wait till you see how deeply she appreciates yours.

Add spice with the above never-be-skipped questions to talk about on the first date. Definitely, she will be onto you in no time.

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