7 Types of Food That Make You Fat and Bloated

You are what you eat daily- a true saying. Sometimes you eat less but weigh more, sometimes you eat more but weigh less! Yes, it happens only because of your daily eating habit. Some foods make you fat and greasy when other foods contribute a healthy and skinny body. Now, what to eat and what not is the puzzle. Let’s unleash it.

Types of Food That Make You Fat

1. Processed Foods

Foods That Make You Fat- Processed Foods

Processed Foods (Image Source: Internet)

Processed foods are the main culprits that make you thicker. They are high in calories and almost no nutrition. A high amount of sodium and calorie-rich fat are added to processed foods to preserve their original flavor. Eating those kinds of processed foods can contribute faster weight gain. However, the processed foods including diet microwave meals and frozen foods are responsible to make you overweight. According to a study of London University College– the processed foods are also responsible for increasing the risk of depression.

2. Artificial Sweeteners

Foods That Make You Fat- Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners

A study found that artificial sweeteners also add sugar-insulin as white carbs (pasta, white bread, white rice, etc.) do. On the same hand, although diet soda does contain less sugar but it does not mean to be healthy. It also makes you fat; a study has found this result. According to a study of American Heart Foundation, sugar added in artificial sweeteners may cause to experience faster weight gain, type-2 diabetes, heart disease and even stroke.

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3. Processed Meats

Foods That Make You Fat- Processed Meats

Processed Meats

Processed meats are the kind of riskiest foods that make you bloated faster than any other foods. A result found in the Adventist Health Studies that- meats, especially processed meats are directly linked to obesity, weight gain, and may cause diabetes among adults. Foods like lunch meat, becon, hot dogs, meat burger, and sausage are packed up with fat, calories and sodium that lead you to a certain weight gain.

4. Dried Fruits

Foods That Make You Fat- Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

Studies have found that dried fruits have 8-10 times more calories than fresh fruits because they are dehydrated and much denser than fresh fruits. If you take one cup grapefruit, for example, you are taking 60 calories. But when you consume one cup of raisins, you are actually taking 460 calories! You will experience almost the same story about Dates or other dried fruits.

5. Cheese

Foods That Make You Fat- Cheese


Cheese, cheesecake, and cheese fries are considered as the most fattening foods in the world. Cheese contains serious amount of fat which is very hard to digest. Cheese is also suggested to the individuals who want to gain weight immediately.

6. Fats and Vegetable Oil

Foods That Make You Fat- Vegetable Oil

Vegetable Oil

Fats and vegetable oils are also packed up with calories. One tbsp of fats and oil contain 120 calories. They can be even more fattening when consumed as deep fried and baked items.

7. Alcohol

Foods That Make You Fat- Alcohol

Alcohol (Image Source: Internet)

You had to hear it thousands of times that alcohol is harmful and cusses obesity. Alcohol basically forbids the body to burn fat. Moreover, alcohol helps release more hormone cortisol which is responsible to store more fats in your waistline.

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