29 Coolest Ways To Be Romantic With Your Girlfriend

Being romantic is not any tougher thing, but sometime is. Some people are naturally quixotic while some are less. But whatever you are, you have to be romantic with your most beloved lady love. You often rummage around, you think, you search, how to be romantic with your girlfriend, right? To make you happy, we stumbled upon 29 coolest tips how you can be more romantic with your sweetheart. Let’s read on and find the best ones for you.

How To Be Romantic With Your Girlfriend

How To Be Romantic With Your Girlfriend: Now and Always

1. Say, “I love you” and “I miss you” without any such reason. You don’t need a special preparation and arrangement to say that you love your girlfriend.

2. Make a surprise gift of chocolates or others to your girlfriend that she likes and loves. It makes your girlfriend feel that always you feel and miss her wherever you are.

3. Bring a bouquet of flower though you have no occasion. Give her and say “I Love You”. Thus make your love fresh and fragrant like a flower is.

4. Manually make a card. Write some romantic lines, poetry or lyric. Kneel down and give to your girlfriend. You don’t know how much your girlfriend will kiss the card!

5. Arrange a creative date, hide from her and give a surprise. It drives your girlfriend to find you as a mystery treasure.

6. You must have a practice of complementing “You are simply beautiful or good or sexy”. Trust me! Girl loves the most to hear these types of words from their boyfriend.

7. Sneak up from behind and hug her. Imagine, you are walking on a public road. Just slant a little bit and hug her slightly. It creates an amazing feeling. Just try once.

8. Kiss her with love and affection. You must practice of kissing her with love, affection and care. Girls like this type of kiss always.

9. Leave your hand around her waist and walk. Hug her once or twice, even in public place while you are walking.

10. Touch softly, her hair, neck and arm. Play with your finger. It will make her feel cool.

11. Keep your eyes contact with your girl. It is not the whimsical habit of an apprentice lover. Making an eye contact is for any lover of any age.

12. Share a pillow while both of you are sleeping. Uff! It is just beyond any comparison. You can only feel how romantic it is when you do this.

13. Shower together. Who does not want to be cool and hot at the same time with love? The water will cool your body while the flow of love will warm your heart.

14. Take her bitten ice cream and give her the intake one. My boyfriend once did that. I was just amazed at this.

15. Take care of her needs and wants. Don’t be indifferent to her. Even in your tough and busy time. Look after both of her materials and physical needs. Remember, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

16. Leave her a text, though you are passing an extremely busy day at the office. It will add a slice of smile at her brink. You just cannot see that. But, you will feel how a simple text makes your girlfriend romantic about you.

17. Don’t be busy with serious things always. Make fun with her. Many couples make this mistake. They always bring the stupid serious issues, even while they are on their date. Don’t do that. Learn how to make fun with your girlfriend. Otherwise, your relationship will be gloomy and tasteless.

18. Make her feel that you are always beside her in any need and trouble. It will let her to trust and depend on you.

19. Suppress your ego and try to say ‘sorry’ in need. Most of us strongly oppose to say sorry. Respect your relationship than ego. Say sorry to your girlfriend first. It will make you more romantic to her.

20. Have a picnic together on your outdoor dating. Don’t just go, sit and eat and come back. Do something different. Do something out of the box. Let her know how romantic you can be for her.

21. Dig the memory of your first date. Often go back to your first date and point out a silly point from there. Make a fun and discussion. Ask her eagerly how did she feel then?

22. Oh my god! Rain! Yes, most couples find romantic in drenching in the rain holding more than anything else. Hold your girl’s hand. An intrinsic love will be there for both of you.

23. Take her photo on your wallet. It is one of the most common tasks that a boyfriend does for her girlfriend.

24. Make a warm hug and kiss with ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ whenever you rejoin and leave your girlfriend.

25. Leave a romantic voice mail to your girlfriend’s inbox. A single email will keep your girlfriend loveable. Seal the email with a lovely chunk of words like, “I’m thinking of you”, “I miss you” or “I feel you” and like that.

26. Make a habit of serving bed tea or breakfast to your girlfriend.

27. Spend a romantic weekend together. Don’t just sit idly in the weekdays. Do something new. This new can be adventurous or hilarious or other.

28. Act like a new lover when you make a love with your girlfriend.

29. Do you sing songs? If it is, utilize this potential to present you as romantic to your girlfriend. Make a habit to let your girlfriend sleep by listening your songs.

Guys, remember it is your duty to make your girlfriend loveable and romantic. Don’t be a sluggish. Don’t show yourself stubbornness in front of your girlfriend. Follow the given tips to be romantic with your girlfriend today and always. Make a lively, lovely and romantic love with your lady love. Remember, your romance is your love. So, make it happens.

So, what else you do to be romantic with your girlfriend? What makes your sweetheart happy and keeps smiling? Don’t forget to share your tricks in the comments.

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