Cold Sores – Causes, Symptoms and Ways to Get Rid Of Cold Sores

Winter is on. Unfortunately you came to know that you are infected by cold sores, kind of little bitchy-blisters on your lips. Oho, your winter is not going to be so enjoyable! You know, anything like cold sores is really painful; in fact, harmful for your regular beauty in this dry season.

So, you can’t help it. Now, you get to know what is cold sores, causes and symptoms of cold sores, and obviously how to get rid of cold sores as fast as possible. Here goes what all you need to know about cold sores and ways to get rid of it.

Cold Sores - Causes, Symptoms and Ways to Get Rid Of Cold SoresWhat are Cold Sores?

Cold sores can be defined as the symbol of non-curable, small and liquid fluid filled blisters that peep through or around your face. They come in a group meaning ‘tied up cold sores together’ and once they affect you, they take a handsome time to go away naturally. But sometimes they don’t and in that case you may further suffer from the crushing cold sores.

Causes of the Cold Sores

Cold sores are basically the result of the infection caused by the Herpes Simples Virus or HSV.

At the beginning of the infection, the HSV will not cause a serious harm, but the more time goes on the more infection is noticed. Once you are cured from cold sores, you can even fall for the next time if you have the following agendas:

  • Excessive stress
  • Continuous fatigue
  • Infection caused by cold reasons
  • Allergies to foods
  • Injury to dental areas or lips
  • A weak immune system
  • Dermabrasion type of cosmetic surgery
  • Pregnancy caused a menstrual problem

Common Symptoms of the Cold Sores

Cold sores have some common symptoms that are:

  • Feeling uncomfortable in eating, drinking and even in sleeping
  • Having a sore throat
  • Fever temptation
  • Lymph nodes in swollen mood in the neck
  • Pain in throat
  • Numbness, tingling and itching or even burning in the affected area
  • In case of babies, drooling

Who are at Risk of Cold Sores?

Anyone of any age can be affected by cold sores if they are affected by the HSV. People who have a weak immune system are also at great risk to be affected by the cold sores.

A study finds that the babies who are under 3 years old are at the greatest risk to be affected by the cold sores.

11 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Cold Sores

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Cold Sores1. Vanilla

Vanilla is a good natural remedy for cold sores. Vanilla contains the alcohol that hardly gets the entrance of any virus like HSV. To use vanilla you have to extract the organic out of vanilla and use it on the affected area. Thus, you will get rid of cold sores without feeling any tingling.

You Need:

  • A cotton pad or swab
  • Unadulterated vanilla extract

How to Use:

  • Thoroughly soaked a cotton pad or swap in vanilla
  • Softly apply the soaked pad into the affected area
  • Hold the pad for a minute in the affected area
  • Continue this four time in a day

2. Licorice

The anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties in the glycyrhizic acid of Licorice have been discovered in the studies as the fighter or counter actor against the HSV virus.

You Need:

  • Licorice root powder or extract (1 tablespoon)
  • Freshwater (1/2 teaspoon) or
  • Petroleum jelly (2 tablespoon)
  • Cotton pad

How to Use:

You can use it in two ways. Firstly,

  • Take the root powder and fresh water in a bowl
  • Stir it until they get a good mixture
  • Apply it on the affected area

Or, you can follow this technique also:

  • Take the root powder and fresh water and petroleum jelly in a bowl
  • Mix them together
  • Use a cotton pad to dab on the affected area
  • Take a several hours or the whole night

Alternately, you can take the licorice tea daily, though; it is not effective as the above method.

3. Milk

The Immunoglobulins protein in milk is one of the ideal natural remedies that can sure you off from cold sores. Also, the amino acid in milk can fight against the outbreak of the virus. You can easily rely on this natural resource to get rid of cold sores.

You Need:

  • One and half cup of room temperature milk
  • A cotton pad and cotton ball
  • A clean towel

How to Use

  • Take 1 tablespoon of milk
  • Soak a cotton pad this into a cotton ball
  • Now, apply the pad softly on the affected area
  • Use the towel to moisten the wet skin
  • Additionally, you can use a petroleum jelly after the moistening

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

The hydrogen peroxide solution can be an effective way to get you rid of cold sores.

You Need:

  • Hydrogen peroxide (1 tablespoon)
  • Facial tissue
  • Cotton pads and cotton balls

How to Use:

  • Take 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide
  • Soak a cotton ball in it
  • Softly touch your sores with the cotton ball
  • Stay there for a few seconds
  • Wait for 5 minutes and then rinse off

5. Peppermint Oil

Herpes Simplex Virus or HSV is basically lives on the inside of the skin, which can be removed by the peppermint oil easily.

You Need:

  • Peppermint Oil having with a good quality
  • A cotton swab
  • A little amount of fresh water

How to Use:

  • At first rinse off the sores with the water
  • Take clean water to dip the cotton swab
  • Then, dip the swab into peppermint oil
  • Now, pat the swab on the sores
  • Do this twice in a day

6. Echinacea

You know, weak immune system is one of the reasons of cold sores. Echinacea is a natural remedy to get you rid of cold sores.

You Need:

  • Echinacea tea (1 bag)
  • Water (1 cup freshly boiled water)

How to Use:

  • Take a tea bag and keep this in a mug
  • Pour the boiled water over it
  • Cover the mug with a plate or something
  • Keep it for 10 minutes
  • Squeeze the bag after 10 minutes
  • Drink the extract

7. Vitamins C and E

The white blood cells of the body that can be increased by the vitamin C have been found in a study that works to defend against the HSV virus. On the other hand, Vitamin E lessens the discomfort, itching and pain resulting of the cold sores. Taking these vitamins can easily get rid of cols snores and bring a smooth winter experience.

You Need for Vitamin C:

  • Broccoli
  • Red berries
  • Tomatoes
  • Kiwi
  • Bell peppers (red and green)
  • Spinach

You Need for Vitamin E:

  • Avocados
  • Nuts
  • Whole grains
  • Any green vegetables (leafy)

8. Cornstarch Paste

The smoothly application of the cornstarch paste is one of the most effective natural doctors to get you rid of cold sores.

You Need:

  • Cornstarch (1 tablespoon)
  • Freshwater (1 teaspoon)

How to Use:

  • Take 1 tablespoon of cornstarch in a bowl
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of fresh water with it
  • Consistently add more water to make it a good paste
  • Paste the mixture on the sores
  • Keep the paste overnight
  • In the morning, wash the paste off gently
  • Use this at night until you get the result

9. Witch Hazel

Though, for a long time, the Native American had only the chance to use witch hazel, but by the dint of commercially paw, this now found all over the world. Medicinally, this witch hazel has been used to remove cold sores from your face.

You Need:

  • Witch Hazel (1 teaspoon)
  • Cotton pad or cotton swab

How to Use:

  • Take witch hazel and soak the cotton pad in it
  • Pat the pad onto the affected area
  • Use this twice at best in a day

10. Aloe Gel

Aloe gel fights against the bacteria that can cause of itching while you are suffering from cold sores. You can plant a aloe gel at your home to get the best result.

You Need:

  • Aloe plant (1) or
  • Aloe Vera gel (1/2 teaspoon)

That You Need:

  • Take the aloe Vera leaf and break it off
  • Succumb the gel from the leaves
  • Now, gently pat the gel


  • Take the aloe Vera oil found commercially
  • Dab the swab
  • Smoothly apply this

11. Ice

Ice has the quality to go inside the germs of cold sores and can kill them by root. It can especially fight against the HSV virus protecting you from these unwanted things.

You Need:

  • Ice pack or ice cubes (1-2 fresh ice)
  • Petroleum jelly

How to Use:

  • Wrap the ice with a soft cloth
  • Hold that on the affected area
  • After you are done, wash the face off with the water
  • Apply petroleum jelly to the area

How to Get Rid of Cold Sores: Over-the-Counter Medications

Along with the natural remedies, you can take action adopting over-the-counter remedies to get rid of cold sores.

12. Docosanol Cream

You can use the docosanol cream on the affected area gently. Do this 5 times in a day. This type of cream is approved by the FDA to reduce cold sores officially.


  • You must check the level of the medicine and then use.
  • See the expire date
  • Take prescription while you are to use it

13. Styptic Pencil

You can use a styptic pencil once in a day to get rid of cold sores.


  • At first you may feel a little pain. But don’t worry. It takes a little time, but definitely works.

14. Drying Agent

The direct application of a little amount of drying agent or astringent on the cold sores can get you rid of these.


  • The drying out of the affected area can reduce the bacteria, but sometimes it can increase them. So, be careful while you are using it

15. Petroleum Jelly

The over and over use of petroleum jelly can be worked to reduce cold sores.


  • Use a branded petroleum jelly so you do not have any risk of using it

Prescription Remedies: How to Get Rid of Cold Sores

16. Pencilclovir Cream

Use this cream regularly on the cold sores. Continue this each couple of hours every day.

How to Use:

  • Clean the area
  • Use dots of the cream on the affected area
  • Use this cream must as the doctor’s advice

17. Famciclovir

Many doctors prescribe this tablet to get rid of cold sores as it contains the anti-viral elements that can fight against the HSV.


This is prescribed by the last option by many of the doctors. So, you must consult a doctor in case you want to use it.

18. Acyclovir Cream

You can use this cream at best 5 times in a day. Continue this for not more than four days.

How to Use:

  • Clean the affected area first
  • Take a thick layer of cream and apply to the area
  • Rub the cream until it disappears onto your face
  • Sleep plenty and drink water.
  • Take care of your health
  • Wash your hand whenever you apply any medicine or like that on the affected area

Important Tips to Get Rid of Cold Sores


  • Consult doctor whenever you have excessive pain or itching
  • Stop using lip products.
  • Once you are out of the cold sore, buy a new lip balm and use it.
  • Never use the old lip balm that you used while you were affected.


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