What To Do When Your Man Looks At Other Women

The very article I came to read this morning is ‘what to do when your man looks at other women’ and I craved some memories from my own life and therefore, went to the internet to search for more and watched some videos on it. After having all these as my morning tasks, I could not resist myself writing an article on it that will also be an insight for you. Let’s have a conversation on the issue. I call it a conversation as it just not only a topic to write some lines, but on a great issue to analyze on and think about.

What To Do When Your Man Looks At Other Women

People vary in their characters and even in their attitude. It is not so easy to get a person right. But, if it is your boyfriend or husband, you don’t fall in this category because over the time you got to get him what he wants and what he wants to mean. Whenever there is any critical issue or complications in a relationship, you probably have that capacity to deal with. So, if it happens that you don’t know what to do when your man looks at other women, read on the write-up. It is for you, I bet.

What To Do When Your Man Looks At Other Women

Before going to the actual analysis, let me share my very own experiences that I had to go through. This will visualize the possible scenario that will be referred to this article later.

Back in 2008, I was a college student and had a boyfriend who had been sharing our love for more than 7 years. Yes, it means a lot, especially when I was too young to explore what a love was and what a commitment meant. However, that was my first love and as the time passed on, our relationship began to be gloomy and did not attract us lot as it was in before. While we sat in the same class, I found my boyfriend was checking out another girl next to my bench and I truly got his unquenchable thirst to undress the girl in his eyes. Even, I witnessed how he would look at another female students or passer-by with a lust and hunger. That was my first experience when I did not know what to do when my boyfriend looks at other women.

Apparently, I broke up my relationship and it took a time to get over the break up. It was 2013, when fortunately I got another man who became my soul mate and loved me ever someone did and did care me most. Being somewhat matured than before, I now found my relationship from a different angle and started to explore the joys of it. We together checked out couples or men or even women and analyze their physical appearances and so on joyfully. There was not much to think about even I saw my boyfriend was looking to other women.

Now, come to the main point of the article what to do when your man looks at other women. I would like to divide the parts into the below categories.

Look Back to Your Thoughts

It happens that sometimes we cannot get right our partner. So, when this type of critical issue comes forth in your relationship, you must take care of that with enough sincerity and attention. This step can make a relationship strong and healthy. Try to solve this problem by yourself first. If you directly approach to your partner with this suspicion, he may get you wrong. So, answer the following questions before approaching him:

  • Is there any chance that you always get him wrong?
  • Do you inspect him all the time, even he talks with his female colleague?
  • Does he always do that?
  • Do his eyes have lust or simply take a glance on the women.

The answers of these questions will help you out to get your thought’s validity that if you are really getting him wrong or not. Remember, looking at other women always does not mean he is into her. So, be careful with your thoughts and then take the next step to analyze your relationship.

Analyze Your Relationship

Many women start to bemoan on the issue that what to do when your man looks at other women. I suggest before going into the analysis and questioning him, analyze your relationship. If you maintain a weak relationship and no commitment then it is obvious that your man can look at other women with whatever eyes he wants with. But, if you have a romantic relationship, but nevertheless he is doing that again and again, like my first relationship, you must need to think about that.



Approach Him

Commitment is a great part in the relationship and if he breaks it up and passes days like looking at other women whenever he gets a chance, you talk to him. Approach him with valid reasons and logics. Make him understand that you do not like that part of him and he must change the trait ASAP. Be cool and make him understand that it is one kind of cheat in the relationship.

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Love More

The more you love, the more you get back. Love can repair the relationship than anything else. For example, in my second relationship, we loved each other and so we did not bother what we were doing and checking out women or even he looked at women and explore them. It is one of the great solutions that what to do when your man looks at other women.

Take a Decision

The habit of happy couples is not cheating on each other or is not having a gloomy relationship. Rather, they together love to enjoy and compromise for each other. So, when you find that certain things are not working well, even you, had a discussion with him or you started to love more, take a time. It’s the time to take a decision and it’s the time to make you free. Never stick to that person who does not love you back though you love him desperately.

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