Why Do Happy People Cheat: A Must Read Resource

How does one define happiness? Is it something to be glad about or hold on to? If so, then why do people do not hold onto only their lovers whom they still feel loved in? Why do they find that their boorish envoys are not quenched and it needs quenching by pursuing something or someone they shouldn’t? Why do you have to look lovingly to someone else when you are there with someone else?

The Two Angles team has an extended data on the issue and this is the 3rd and compact presentation of why do people cheat? The first and second series were with why men cheat and why women cheat respectively? Let’s delineate the 3rd and detailed here.


Why Do Happy People Cheat: A Must Read Resource

Why Do Happy People Cheat: A Must Read Resource

Engrave Your Relationship

A worthy relationship doesn’t have any dictionary definition or any proper definition that you might find anywhere. It is worthy only when the two people’s involvement is contemplated as worthy in their own virtuous dogmas. All relationships have its peaks and voids, but it is entirely up to them to consider if they have the aptitude to give it a true value over all those things.

But there are throwaway types of relationships too, and that has more inlets and less spices. Problems could be related to anything starting from affection for money to family to feel important and feel satisfied through orgasm.  Usually, these types of relationships bruise are more betrayal than the rest.

In a worthy relationship, it is earnest if the love, peace, finances, job, family and sex is juggled in unison. It’s the seamless affair of gratification if the curve of it is such.  And there are few reasons to why happiness fails and infidelity confines and prevails in spite of living with all the habits of a happy couple does.

Evident Facts To Know to Learn Why Do Happy People Cheat:

The Genetic Reasons

No. I don’t mean any business or any sorts of things like that, but people say that children follow the footsteps of their parents and it is in fact – correct! This can create a persuasion to form in the mind of the person from their childhood because they repetitively perceive it. And that can bear fruition of good and dissolute things. If the latter comes to culmination, then the person is bound to be a cheater if their parent(s) was one.

This has been more backed up by a successful research conducted by two respective institutions (Binghamton and State University of New York) which presented that a certain version of a dopamine heritor gene is yoked with perfidy in people who are in unity. This DNA in the body causes the person to feel prompted to do those things that are illicit.

An Altered Amount Of Amorousness

Catchy title, eh? Well, to speak straight it means that there might be slightly more attraction or love to bloom for someone else even there is someone with you already. What cravings do you do? You know what it does!

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A Scarring “Ex” Story

Did any of your friends turn into a Casanova because he got a bad heartbreak? Or does he/ she still longs to unify with their ex (-es)? Notion states that memoirs and familiarity influence the mind a lot and that makes a person to live in those memories because they don’t find the happiness there. That is enough to elicit disloyalty which is a strong reason why do people in happy relationship still cheat.

Why Do Happy People Cheat: A Must Read Resource

Why Do Happy People Cheat: A Must Read Resource


A Longing For Real, Adrenaline Rush

We, humans lean towards on finding excitement in things that we feel are the most exciting and thrilling.  That is one of the reasons why do happy people cheat with their partners. To make it so-called l better and to survive well, they do what their partners always dread.

Because Humans are opportunists

To present an elaborate explanation of this fact, I would rather say that appealing opportunities are the most out of every situation that might pop up behind why do people cheat with each other. For men and also for women, lack of restrictions (which holds a certain meaning in this context) and contemplation about something make them feel that there is a gamble to take. A casual prospect to act as animals than as socialites propels us to do the illicit.

Men Cheat, if

There is a lack of respect from your side. You are not being reverent to him (he thinks). If he thinks like that and if it is true, then know that he will cheat on you. He wants respect more than anything and if he doesn’t find it in you, he will look for it somewhere else.

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You are making him feel stifled with all the curbs and difficulties. Living with all these difficulties and constraints, man needs an air to refresh him, needs a shoulder to put his head and take a fresh breath which propel him to get into another woman cheating with his lady.

He is exasperated about life and you cannot give him the harmony that he desires and necessities. If he looks for it and acquires it from somewhere else then boom! He is drifting away behind your back.

You guys don’t click and there are mountains of complications between you. He likes pasta, but you like soufflé and the problem is more than choosing between chocolate and vanilla. You guys taunt and haunt each other when exchanging fiery verses. This is not what he wants and he will look for his chocolate somewhere else without you knowing about it.

He feels bored and someone else intrigues him. He is reminiscing the times when he was trying to make you his and the thrill of it, and that might trigger him to look for other hands. If the situation comes in that makes him go all “wow” then he will try to feel that exhilaration once more through pursuing this new girl he likes. All of this might happen, just behind you!

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Top Reasons Why Women Cheat

All women look for emotional link and constancy. If your girl is finding that with you then don’t worry but if she isn’t, then look behind your back.

Your girl will look for spectacle and chatter-natter in the relationship. If she doesn’t find it and instead finds it to be dull then she will turn her attention to somewhere else.

All ladies want their offspring to be the best in terms of outlook and physique, therefore, it is highly likely that she will look for the guy who is stronger and has a better built in the body with a good height. If you fall in that category, then don’t worry but if you don’t think she’ll play her part somewhere else.

All ladies are tangled when it comes to their thoughts. They blabber about that they are not vagrant about anything but the truth is that they are actually like that. Their activities make such a scope chance where she will love you, but sometimes she’ll feel like you are not her type and she should keep her options open. If she does, you know what to do.

All ladies think that they are, the greater creatures and this makes them think like that too even when they are judging themselves against their lover. These can come in different shapes and tints; these can be habit or choices and if your ones do not click with her then she will look somewhere else.

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Ways To Catch My Partner’s Cheating With Me

There are some significant signs that makes you get that if your partner is cheating with you. These are here:

He or she doesn’t have any time for you. They are diverted by something else and they seem to be lost. All of their day-to-day chores are going fine, but they seem to be ignorant when it comes to you. If that is frequent then know that there is a high possibility of them cheating. Because they might try to make it look like they are busy with something that should seem believable to you but actually that is not the instance.

He or she is being hush-hush type when it comes to their personal belongings, especially mobile phones or laptop or any gadget used for making connections. For the loyal people, there will not come any  reason to hide anything but if they are not then know that something is incorrect.

He or she has infidel friends or communicates with such people often. If your partner has some friends who are like that know that your partner will highly be following that friend and fraud you. Observe your partner’s behavior. If they seem suspicious to you, know that s/he is cheating with you.

If anything goes wrong, ever, then your partner tends to puts the denunciation on YOU! And he or she does it almost by the minute if possible! If that’s the instance, then there is a high chance that they are scared of you might find out what they are up to. To make sure that you don’t find any fault and to hide the wrongdoings, they often replace highly and keep them busy by doing so. But it is actually you who are getting the stick. In such times, you might want to consider if your partner is honest or not.

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Was your partner a miser a few days back? Did he or she didn’t buy the thing that you suggested them to buy because they said that it is “wasteful” of money? And now, all of a sudden, you find them to be a spendthrift. They are buying different newer and newer gifts and cards. It may be a reason that they are going to gift that to someone else. This may refer to that they are using all these to keep someone else happy. Your in vigilant eyes can reveal the fact easily.

The Other Possibilities Of Disloyalty?

There are some other reasons why do happy people cheat. Check out the following reasons.

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has researched and found a very interesting fact. According to them, the people having with a sly and wily childhood relationship are a MORE prone to them and as in committing adultery. Why? This is because they have already skipped chastisement once so they can do that once more.

Have you ever heard that over-clingy partners act disloyal? The sentiment of not having a safe haven tends to make a person find the haven in any other! So if your partner is not being able to find the safe haven in you, he or she might look for it in someone else and you wouldn’t even know it. This was proposed by scientists from the Florida State University in America.

And last but not the least, sex and sensual sex is a VERY MUCH important thing. Middling type or appalling sort of it makes a person feel dejected that they will never feel fulfilled bodily. This then makes them look for the gratification somewhere around or outside. The majority of people said this in a survey they took which was offered by the Indiana University of Bloomington.

Also, other statistics evinces is that only 20% of marriages survive the ordeal of a cheating incident and that only 44% men and an astounding 66% women stay loyal and do not commit perfidy.

So, work hard towards a more robust relationship and fix it. Or ask your partner and take a brief cessation from one another to avoid the chances of getting cheated. Do this and you will find that you are keeping aside from the part of why do happy people cheat with their partners.

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