Why Women Cheat: What Experts Say and a Thoughtful Conversation

One of the most shocking statistics that has surfaced recently is the fact that a large percentage of marriages end up with a divorce. People even having a good relationship cheat each other. In general, we always think about the husband cheating on his spouse. That’s the image most frequently is shown constantly in movies or hear about. But what’s in reality? The reality says that women are not behind in the race of cheating their men. So, the question comes why women cheat their boyfriend or husband and what are the motives behind that lust them to cheat with their loved one.

Storm With the Issue Why Women Cheat

Both in virtual and physical worlds, people now-a-days have started to find out the complications in the relationship or the other reasons why women cheat men. This has now turned into a abuzz as people are becoming anxious about the broken relationship all over the world. So, this issue often raises storms on the table and people are now more open now to opine to find out the real solution. Watch the YouTube link what experts say about why women cheat their men.

Why women cheat


Reasons Why Women Cheat generally

There are many reasons including emotional, physical, biological, materials and many for may other reason. There are some common reasons to why men cheat on their loyal women with the reasons why women cheat on their loyal husband. Keep reading on the major and crucial issues behind why women all over the world cheat their men.

Emotional Reasons:

Mental Connections

This is arguably the most important reason why a woman will cheat on her husband. A lack of emotional connection with a romantic partner will lead to feelings of unhappiness and resentment. Women possess more emotion than men by nature and thus they want more care and nurture. So, lack of emotional intimacy can be a major precursor to infidelity.

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According to experts, women are more likely to incite affairs and extra marital relationships because of loneliness than men. In contrast, men are generally more likely to incite extra marital relationships due to sexual motivations and are not looking for any emotional connection. Women are more likely to be unhappier in their current relationship, especially if their emotional needs are not being met. Thus, because of the lack of support and accompany, women try to be happy with another third party.

When He Stops Loving

Women like to be wooed – even when they are in relationships, they want their husband/partner to try hard to impress them now and then. The husband or partner who doesn’t excite her anymore with his ideas or his activities, then she will feel bored. Prolonged boredom with her and her love life may lead her to cheat. s

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Fly Out from Men

Many relationships change over the time and filled up by the everyday mistakes that ruin the relationship. It might be subtle things, but as the years go by, the frustrations and resentment increase with it. Cheating is a method of coping with the problem of an unhappy marriage. It serves as a gateway – a way to escape from the misery of an unhappy marriage. Indeed, many consider infidelity a warning signal to the deteriorating condition of their marriages.

Physical Reasons:

Unfulfilled Sexual Needs

Many women are unfulfilled in the bedroom and find their partners’ performance wanting that is one of the reasons why women cheat on men. However, over time, this may lead to many of them to cheat. It is sometimes very difficult for couples to address their sexual dysfunction in sexual issue and even it does not work well, then it is likely that it will be one of the core reasons of why women cheat on their husband.

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The Thrill

While not as common as but many women find a thrill starting romantic relationships with new men from time to time. For them, they enjoy the attention, the thrill and the initial excitement of a new relationship. These needs are unmet in their long term relationship and because of this, they will cheat on their partner. These women are so clever that they will not even ask for an open relationship or leave the partner but cheat day by day with them.

Lack of Appreciation

As the years go by, the tendency to appreciate our loved ones become moan and the romantic relationship turns into a gloomy relationship. However the case is women are more on to finding appreciation from their loved one. The lack of it gradually motivates women to step even can turn this issue as a reason why women cheat on their men.

 Material Reasons

Securing a Future

Women tend to cheat emotionally first and sexually second. Whenever a woman is trapped in a difficult marriage, one where the love has withered and died and she can feel as though she was married to a stranger, she will seek a way out of the marriage. According to research, many women in similar situations will start a long term romantic affair with another partner as her marriage crumbles. Eventually, she will use this long term affair as a way to transition out of the marriage.


If the husband has been unfaithful, then it is only natural for the wife to respond in kind. This can be a death kneel for any relationship, as the mutual love and affection, it was built on has eroded into a game of eye for an eye. A jilted wife may seek to lessen her pain and feeling of betrayal by cheating on her husband with someone else. The lack of understanding, commitment and empathy lead women to behave otherwise and thus this subtle reason turns into a reason why women cheat men at the end of the day.

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Low Self-esteem

Studies have shown that people with low self esteem are more likely to cheat than those who are sure of themselves. This is because those with low self esteem are always seeking validation from others about their beauty and attractiveness. If these needs are not met in the current relationship, then the wife may seek to fulfill these needs elsewhere.

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These are a few of the reasons why women cheat and while not applicable to all women all of the time, they are nevertheless a good way for all men to understand the pitfalls of modern relationships and thus take the initiative to not let the chance to their women any of the above.

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