Head-To-Toe Winter Beauty Care Guide for Women

The winter is just at your door, intending to freeze you from top to bottom. You must be prepared to protect yourself with the toughest armor on! To help you enjoy a better winter this time, here goes a head-to-toe winter beauty care guide for women to make you feel beautiful even in the long-dry winter!

5 Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care TipsPlenty of Water: Drinking lots of water may enchant your skin with a magical bloom! You can get the advantage of water from omega-3s i.e. the necessary thickening acids acquired from foods like salmon or walnut. (*Drink 35-40ml water, if possible)

Milky Cleanser: You should begin your everyday skin treatment with a milky cleanser, containing a small quantity of surfactant than does the gel formulas.

Regular Exfoliation: Exfoliation can be a good remedy for your dead skin cells. Exfoliation helps to promote the renewal of dead cells and therefore, your skin would be hydrated for long.

Regular Moisturizer Cream: Using a regular moisturizing cream, which has ingredients like Vit-E, may help you get protected from the cold-dry winter.

Use Hydrating Cream: You may simply use hydrating cream specialized for being used at night, and can target one specific night cream for your use.

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5 Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter Hair Care TipsMoisturizing Shampoo: To keep your hair hydrated, it is a basic essence to use a moisturizing shampoo along with a conditioner on a regular basis.

Help from Mask: Add a mask for your hair in your hair care weekly schedule. Leave it for the night if it’s possible, and don’t forget to pat your hair dry with a towel to get freed from excessive water.

Hair Drier over Heater: In the winter, we have a trend to use a heater and too much heat can cause further loss of moisture. Rather than using a heater, put more effort on your hair drier.

Use Heat Protecting Spray with Heating Process: If you intend to use electronic heating appliances regularly, do not forget to use a heat protecting spray of a good quality.

Apply Argan Oil: Argan oil is an obligatory product if you really want to protect your hair, as they moisturized to hair immediately after applying and make sure that the oil doesn’t become too heavy for your hair.

5 Winter Hygiene Tips

Winter Hygiene TipsSay Bye to Microbes: For the cold-cutting wind, many people prefer to close their doors and windows of the house, and remain heated up. Yet, we forget that thousands of microbes remain inside a closed room, and the microbes tend to multiple in numbers in a damp hot room. So, ventilate your room with fresh air, to get rid of the microbes around you.

Make Your Wearing Clean: Washing the wooly soft clothes can be another important instruction you could follow in winter. Although it is tough washing the woolens, but you must not forget such fabrics are most attracted to dust!

Sun Your Mattresses: You should put your mattress under the heat of the sun, as mattresses are one of the best carriers of bacteria and dust, and we can only disinfect them by getting it sunned.

Clean Your Heater: Cleaning the heater is another important factor, as heater attracts germs when it is turned off, and germs are spread around as soon as it is turned on. Clean your heater to avoid unwanted diseases!

Don’t Skip Bath: Although winter makes you go lazy, don’t forget to take shower and stay hygiene! Avoiding bath is a very bad way of treating your body; this can increase the amount of dead cells in your skin! Do not forget to eat the right food- fresh fruits, wholesome grains and rooted vegetables are good productions brought by winter- do not miss the lovely nutrition’s you can acquire from them.

5 Tips to Take Care of Hands and Legs During Winter

Hands and Legs Care Tips During WinterApply Cream Properly: Use a good moisturizing cream for your hands and don’t forget to learn how to massage it on properly!

Wash Your Hand with Room-temperature Water: Water that is too hot or extremely cold is very bad for hands. Try washing your hands with room-temperate water.

Make your Skin out of Skin Cells: Exfoliate your hands to get rid of the dead skin cells.

Take Care of your Toe: You must make sure that you’re washing your feet on a daily basis using a soap and warm water. Don’t forget cleaning your toenails, and pat your toe dry.

Use Lotion: Moisturize your toe skin with lotion and make sure the lotion is quite handy, which you should use couple of times in a day.

5 Winter Diet Tips for Women

Winter Diet Tips for WomenSlurping Away A Gluttonous Appetite– You could simply do this by having a soul warming bowl of soup for controlling the calorie inside you. In winter, soup will also keep you warm from inside.

Boil Less your Grill and Vegetables: Instead of using a lot of oil, you could simply grill the vegetables and chicken in the snowy weather, which would give you an amazing smoky flavor without the least amount of fat!

Bake Up your Dishes: Baking gives your house a lovely aroma in winter! Baking up two-bites with your favorite fruit can give you a lovely taste to your cravings and also save you from unwanted calories.

Take Winter Fruits: In winter fruits and vegetables, are the best productions, which are filled with higher nutrients and fibers. The waistline theme comes from their immense watery content, which helps you feel full and keeps you from eating too much.

Add Water in your Diet List: Cold weather and heated up indoors can hydrate your body just as you are hydrated in summer. So, don’t forget to add up water to your dietitian’s list in winter!

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Head-To-Toe Winter Health and Beauty Care Guide: Do’s and Don’ts

Staying hygiene should be one of the most important recommendations in your Do’s list- as unhygienic activities can get you off the track and therefore your Don’ts list deserves the same importance. Below are the tips of do’s and Don’ts that you should include head-to-toe winter care guide:

  • In your do’s list you must add up good skin and hair treating ailments
  • Of course invest a huge amount of time for taking good care of you.
  • Avoid too much ice cream and cold cravings wouldn’t be a good idea in winter.
  • Wearing short clothes are a serious addiction for beautiful ladies, but don’t forget to pack yourself up before you get into the snow!

As a smart lady, you should take care of your health and beauty that’s why this winter beauty guide is here. Hope, this guide helps you a lot to stay fit and healthy in this winter. What about your friends? Do they have this guide too? Nop! Hurry up, share it with them too. They will thank you for sure!

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