11 Worthy Tips to Be a Sexy guy You’ve Always Wanted to Be

As a guy, you must have some dreams and plans to be smart, gentle and worthy in front of girls. There are many sides that a woman looks into a guy. But, the most important side that women look into a guy is his sexiness. There are 11 worthy tips to be a sexy guy you’ve always wanted to be. These are proven that make a guy sexy and bring confidence in him.

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That the Men Look for being Sexier

Making an impression on your desired women is not so easy. You must work on it. You must take care of your body, of your heart and each inns and outs. The truth is that you must invest a lot to achieve that and being sexy deserves the top. Read carefully the tips to be a sexy guy and start working on it right now.

1. Have Startling Hair

Let’s start from the top part of your physics. Women always like silky, washy and clean hair. Go to a good barber. But, before doing that, have a careful eye on the hair trend boys are following to. But, more important is don’t just pick one style and cut yours one accordingly. Consultant with your barber which hair style you will look more fit in. Having an amazing hair style can bring a sexy look in your face.

11 Worthy Tips to Be a Sexy guy You’ve Always Wanted to Be

 2. Remove Odd Looking Facial and Body Hair

Waxing or threading or sugaring salon can bring a sexy look for you. It is time to take care of your odd looking hair and remove them. Go to a salon and do that. It will make you feel better when you see that no neck hair is making you look weird. It also will make you look sexier.

 3. Wear Clothes That Fit you

Don’t just wear lavishly and outlandish clothes that will bring you a joking look. Always try to wear clothes that you look fit in. If necessary, take your old clothes to tailor and she will alter it for you. Look of the trend. No boy in now-a-days wears a cloth that is loose, making you a big elephant. It is one of the best tips to be a sexy guy you always dream for.

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4. Bring New Style

Take a particular look for you that bears your personality. Remember that, nothing can make you look sexier than your personality. Let’s say, you always try to be confident in whatever situation or dress you are in. This style will make you look sexier than anything else.

 5. Use Attractive Scent

Always try to use an attractive scent. This has lots of benefits like it will keep you fresh and bright. Women also like the guy who has a good body scent. This is worthy. Go and buy sexy scents that will attract women making you look sexy.

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6. Be Chivalrous

Manner comes first. People find you first how well mannered you are. This is also the case women find worthy to hook up with a guy. Being a chivalrous, also help you to be a good human being.

7. Bring a Proportional Look

We have social taboo that being over sized or over thin does not look sexy or well. Nothing to be get worried of if you possess this or any of them. Rather, plan yourself. Go to gymnasium and work on it. It will at least be helpful to bring a proportional look on your face and body.

8. Keep You Clean

Neat and clean is the prior condition to be sexy in look and attract women. It is not matter how gorgeous dress you are in or how sweet scent you wear. Untidiness will just smash everything, leaving the worst for you. So, better try to be clean. In fact, it is not an option rather the first priority to be sexy.

9. Stand Up Smartly

Gesture and posture are very important to look sexy. If you are looking for the tips to be a sexy guy, you must work on it. It is true that being taller bring the plus point looking sexy and smart while you stand up. But if you are not gifted with it, try to use your height whatever it is to be sexy. Be smart with that you have. This satisfaction will help you to look sexy.

10. Be Confident

You know the inner confidence will make you sexier than anything showy things else. Enlighten yourself. Be confident. Be confident while you are talking and you are thinking. This will bring you for a sexy look. Practice how to talk in front of people. Stand up before a mirror and practice. This is one of the great tips to be a sexy guy and worthy also.

 11. More Tips:

Women are very good observer and when they come across a guy they look each and every thing to see if he is a sexy guy or not. This part of extra tips will bring you more strategies of how you can be sexy and look smart.

  • Learn how to dance and practice with women
  • Match your pants with your pennis’ size
  • Use fragrant lip balm
  • Take bath every day, even twice if necessary
  • Look smartly
  • Be easy going

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